Void (20.10.15)

Void (20.10.15)

How much of it is real
and how much of it is in my head
I don’t know anymore.

I think I’m right
I think I know
In a snap
Up is left
Down is ahead
There’s a buzzing sound between my ears

I wouldn’t know what to say
Apologies become mechanical
Forgiveness is a hollow act
Fearing the wrong thing
I sleep life away

Would I go back?
Change it, if I could?
Wish it away?
I don’t know
Familiarity is comforting

‘It will be fine.’
Echoes in my head fade
As a familiar warmth reaches me
Through the cracks in my mind
The buzzing subsides
Darkness slinks away
into its corner
to return another day


Let me know what you think in the comments section. I hope you enjoyed it!

Claimer: This is an original piece of work. If you wish to use it in any capacity, please contact me and let me know.

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