Apart (22221)

Apart (22221)

A cold room
An empty space
Clouds rolling in, grey
Through the window panes

I looked behind
And realised
The cracks I’d never

They were always there
‘tween me and you
Why didn’t you
Ever let me know?

A cut
Bled into the crack
Fill’d the abyss
Ocean of black

I shouted out
Called your name, I swear
You didn’t turn
You didn’t hear

The crack deepened
Widened, grew
You were gone
Before I knew.

In your place
Sits an empty box
All, that is lost

Clouds gather
Heavens burst
The black swallows
The grey tears

Nothing grows
On the burnt grass
The rain pours
On the empty box

As I watch
The dancing drops
Sliding down
The love I lost

The winds of change
Blow the ash away
The dust swirls
Black into grey

A day, maybe
months, years
Bring back the warmth
Erased by my fear

I’ll hope and pray
To see the light
Through the cracks
In our divide


When I reread it, that last paragraph unexpectedly seemed inspired by Linkin Park. True OGs.

Let me know what you think in the comments section. I hope you enjoyed it!

Claimer: This is an original piece of work. If you wish to use it in any capacity, please contact me and let me know.

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