Hiatus notice

Hey, everyone.

As you’ve come to see, this Monday did not have a post. These past couple of weeks have been really exhausting for me, mentally, physically and emotionally. While everything I write is from a place of expression and outlet, my posts – and my drafts page – have been growing highly personal and highly specific, which is an indication that I’ve still got a lot of work to do personally before I can share it.

I’ve been to my regular psychotherapist, and I’ll continue to go for sessions when required. But given the sensitivity and the struggle around dealing with some of these situations alone, I’m unable to detach myself enough to see some of these situations objectively and share them here with you. This, I feel, has made me lose sight of the quality of the posts I make here.

Amongst other things, the point of this blog has always been to share experiences, both as catharsis for myself and as a way to connect with others who may have been through the same thing. But I find myself on the other side of the line between sharing an experience, and vomiting my emotions in the form of words. I believe that relationships last when you don’t strain them to the point of breaking them, and this platform, while one rooted in mental health and sharing stories, need not be a place for me to dump my raw emotions for the world to process.

Because of this, I shall be taking a hiatus. I will be working on new articles always, and when I’m in a place where I’ve worked through my issues and am happy with the work I’ve put in, both with myself and the articles I write, I shall post again. I hope this finds you safe, in good health, and content.

I’ll see you guys soon. Take care.

All my love


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