Finals week

The romanticised way of over-working for professional greatness is not for me

The Launchpad — the starting point for the journey of mental health.

A list of online media that I used to start my mental health journey, which, hopefully, can help you, too.

Filial love Part II: The sum of all practical wisdom

To live, is to regret. To not live, is to regret. But, what would you regret more?

Filial Love Part I: The Nightmare

In trying to relieve pain, I come face to face with a painful memory I realised I had never addressed.

Shiny blinders for a night run

My focus on my discomfort in one aspect of life made me forget that everything has consequences, and I might not feel ready for some.

First Impressions – ‘Monsters’ by Sharon Dogar

My first impression of the book – ‘Monsters’ by Sharon Dogar

The tight-rope act

It’s easier to work with blinders on, diving deep into the job – but is it wise? Is it sustainable?